“There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.”

Jamini Astro is one-stop solution for all your problems. We are here to provide you with all the solution related to any problems right from your wealth, career, health, marriage to relationship. Our highly experienced astrologers provide you precious gemstones that are energized by Vedic mantras and pujas. Whatever may be your problem, we have a permanent solution for everything. We offer astrological reports and gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantra, as well as some remedial solutions.

Choose best astrological remedies for Wealth, Career, Marriage, Health problem as per planet and your birth details, and get solution from impact of planet on your Career, Finance, Business and Personal life as well

Astrological reports will be sent by email and puja can be performed as per requirement of the client.
At present, all other remedial products which are sent by courier are available in India only.


Puja or pooja is a worship ritual performed by Hindus to offer devotional homage and prayer to one or more deities, to host and honor a guest, or to spiritually celebrate an event. It may honor or celebrate the presence of a special guest, or their memories after they die


We provide semi-precious stone which are energized by Mantra & Puja. Energized Semi Precious Stones (UPRATNA) of approximate 5 carat are available at Special Introductory offer.


Rudraksha is considered as one of the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is one of the most solid and strong items which has excellent healing as well as spiritual power. A person who is constantly on the move and who eats as well as sleeps in different places, for them rudraksha is very supportive as it creates a cocoon of protective energy around the nativity. Rudraksha is one of the best shields against the negative energy and people who wear rudraksha can never be harmed with negative energy. There is a strong connection between rudraksha and astrology as each of the variant in rudraksha has connection with planets. Therefore, it is also known for enhancing the power of your mind as well as sharpens concentration and focus. People who are suffering from pain for long time can also benefit from wearing rudraksha.


Yantra typically means an instrument or machine which has great mystic as well as tantric power. Each yantra has its visible power pattern and when it is combined with mantra, it builds protective aura. Remember that when the power of yantra is made alive with the help of mantra or with other rituals its power becomes limitless. The yantra is in the form of deity while the mantra is mind consciousness. It helps to develop an aura of positivity and also helps to establish a connection between person and his specific deity.