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Jaimini Astro is located in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, we have highly experienced astrologer Sudhir Raghav Ji who is our chief astrologer with twenty years of experience in this field. Raghav Ji is one of the famous astrologers who has completed his studies in astrology.

Current Openings -

  1. Vedic Astrologer
  2. Content Writer
  3. Technical Support Person

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Career in Astrology

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Seeking career in Astrology?

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Do you have concerns about your future? You can now speak with our expert panel of Vedic astrologers to find solutions to your life problems. Be it your career, love, money or relationship issue, you can trust to get vivid and life-transforming answers. It always feels good when you can take help from Vedic astrologers to give clarity and offer solutions to all your concerns.

Vedic Astrologer

Job Profile:

Location:- Anywhere in India

Experience:-  4-5yrs

Salary:-  Best in Industry


  1. Prepares and analyzes horoscope to advise clients regarding future trends and events: Prepares horoscope by computing position of planets, their relationship to each other and to zodiacal signs, based on factors, such as time and place subject was born.
  2. Analyzes horoscope chart to advise client, such as person or company, regarding conditions which lie ahead, course of action to follow, and probability of success or failure of that action.
  3. Studies the influences of the planets of the solar systems and of fixed stars on Earth’s environment;
  4. Counselling relating to specific spheres, such as health, choice of a partner in love and marriage or in business, a propitious moment for making a transaction, making use of one’s aptitudes and job opportunities.
  5. Offering guidance on individual personal development;
  6. Conducting research and statistical calculations with the use of twenty-first century tools, new technology and scientific terminology.
  7. Astrologer’s job description comes from the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-88.